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In our chestnut woods we produce Marrone del Mugello PGI chestnuts,

Fresh fruits,  Flour  and Marrons Glacés.


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Marrone del Mugello PGI chestnuts


We have been cultivating the Marroni in our chestnut woods since ever. 


In the XI century Matilde di Canossa encouraged in our area the cultivation and grafting of the chestnuts to obtain the Marroni which are selected for the taste, the size and the ease of peeling, while the chestnuts are wild fruits.

For these characteristics in 1996 the Marrone del Mugello deserved the PGI recognition – Protected Geographical Indication – from the European Commission.

Our beautiful chestnut woods are located in our wide property where there is also a truly magic and enchanting place called Pratalecchia, a small charming village no longer inhabited which will hopefully be restored quite soon.


Marrone Mugello IGP 750 g

Available from October, 6th.

Marron Glaces 160gr

Orders to be placed within June, 30th.

Marrone del Mugello IGP Flour

Orders to be placed within July, 31st.

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